Hi, i'm abbie

I grew up with an inclination to intently observe and meticulously create. Artistic thought and production is fully sewn into my identity. Discovering the world of graphic design has been an empowering experience because it has shown me a way to use my passions to place goodness into the world. Being able to use my hands like an artist and transfer my creations into a utilitarian and meaningful visual system fills my heart. The lens through which I view design has always been educational with the intention of honing artistic skills into tools that can be used to create functional and beautiful design. The people I have been graciously taught by have molded my intrinsic abilities as an artist into useful yet unique applications. A professor of mine taught me the importance of fully embracing design constraints and using them to our advantage. I have taken this philosophy to heart and I strive to apply it to every project I take on. I see constraints as an opportunity to create purposeful and intricate design that the client will feel proud of and emotionally connected to. This is my goal and devotion.